Line 3 of the Naples metro is a reality, a transport service opened in 2004 and managed by the EAV (Ente Autonomo Volturno); the wording Line 3 derives from the numbering attributed to it in the Municipal Transport Plan, but has also become in common use among travelers. It serves the eastern part of the city and describes an arch from the Naples - Porta Nolana station to that of San Giorgio a Cremano. Trains run hourly, with half-hour reinforcements at peak times.


  • Napoli Porta Nolana
  • Napoli – Garibaldi
  • Napoli Centro Direzionale
  • Poggioreale
  • Botteghelle
  • Madonnelle
  • Argine Palasport
  • Villa Visconti
  • Vesuvio de Meis
  • Bartolo Longo
  • San Giorgio a Cremano


The firts and last runs are:

  • Napoli – Porta Nolana: First run 6:11 AM, last run 7:08 PM
  • San Giorgio a Cremano: First run 6:30 AM, last run 6:49 PM

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