Also known as the "Metropolitana FS" at the time of its opening in 1925, it is the oldest line on the network; also known as the urban railway link, it cuts Naples from west to east, starting from Pozzuoli to get to the San Giovanni - Barra stop, in the San Giovanni a Teduccio district, on the eastern outskirts of the city. It is managed by Trenitalia (main italina train travel company) and some regional services also operate on this section, with differentiated routes to which attention must be paid: the first of these starts from Pozzuoli as the urban line but at the Gianturco stop it deviates north to stop in Caserta; the second starts from the Napoli - Campi Flegrei stop to extend beyond San Giovanni - Barra to the Torre Annunziata C.Le railway station. Watch which train you take then! In the section from Naples - Campi Flegrei and San Giovanni - Barra, where all regional and urban trains pass, the frequency of trains is about 10 minutes, to rise to 15 on the other routes.


  • Pozzuoli – Solfatara
  • Bagnoli
  • Cavalleggeri Aosta
  • Campi Flegrei
  • Mergellina
  • Piazza Amedeo
  • Montesanto
  • Cavour
  • Garibaldi
  • Gianturco
  • San Giovanni – Barra


This Lines runs since 5:17 AM to 11:03 PM. Trains pass every 8 min.