Line 1 was opened in 1993 and, although it is not the oldest line, it was the first to properly be called Subway. Of the whole network, it is the busiest one, since it crosses a large part of the city, starting from the east, from the Garibaldi train station and then heading north, towards the Vomero district with the Vanvitelli stop and stopping on the outskirts of Naples, with the terminal at the station Piscinola near the Scampia district. Important expansion works are underway, which will extend the line from Garibaldi stations to Capodichino airport and the construction of a Piscinola - Di Vittorio line; connecting the airport with Di Vittorio station, Line 1 will effectively become a circular line. A peculiarity of Line 1 is the recovery in the stations of the archaeological findings emerged during the excavations and integrated into a modern architectural context, as well as the insertion of installations and contemporary works, making a contrast unique in the world. Trains have a minimum frequency of 9 minutes, to reach 20 minutes on holidays.


Andrècruz23 [Public domain], da Wikimedia Commons
  • Garibaldi
  • Università
  • Municipio
  • Toledo
  • Dante
  • Museo
  • Materdei
  • Salvator Rosa
  • Quattro Giornate
  • Vanvitelli
  • Medaglie d’Oro
  • Montedonzelli
  • Rione Alto
  • Policlinico
  • Colli Aminei
  • Frullone
  • Chiaiano
  • Piscinola


The firts and last runs are:

  • Garibaldi Terminal: first run 6:20 AM, last run 11:02 PM.
  • Piscinola Terminal: first run 6:00 AM, last run 11:30 PM.

Trains pass every 9-14 min. in work days

Trains pass every 10 - 20 min. on holidays