Fares and integrated season tickets - TIC

The subway network in Naples is managed by different institutions, but there is an option called TIC – integrated tickets and passes (TIC – biglietti e abbonamenti integrati): tickets for this service have a unified fares and are valid for all urban, provincial and regional services in Campania, so you can use it on all subway lines.

Fares are:

Tickets for the urban area of Naples

  • Tickets valid for 90 minutes: 1.60 euros
  • Day ticket: 4.50 euros
  • Weekly pass: 16 euros
  • Monthly pass: 42 euros
  • Annual pass: 294 euros

Tickets for suburban Naples area

They are valid from Naples to any city up to 11 km away from the city of Naples.

  • Ticket valid for 100 minutes: 2.20 euros
  • Monthly pass: 50 euros

the municipalities involved are Casoria, Cercola, Mugnano Di Napoli, Portici, San Giorgio A Cremano.

Extra-urban tickets for Naples – cities over 21 km away

They are valid for reaching towns located between 11 and 21 km from the city of Naples.

  • Ticket valid for 120 minutes: 2.20 euros
  • Monthly pass: 57,50 euros
  • Annual pass: 350 euros

the cities you can reach woth these tickets are Calvizzano, Casalnuovo Di Napoli, Ercolano, Giugliano In Campania, Marano Di Napoli, Massa Di Somma, Pollena Trocchia, San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio, Torre Del Greco, Villaricca, Volla).

Joint tickets for cities outside the Naples area

They are valid for municipalities outside the metropolitan area of Naples and are no more than 11 km apart.

  • Ticket valid for 60 minutes: 1.70 euros
  • Monthly pass: 40 euros
  • Annual pass: 280 euros

For more information, visit this page

download TIC price list

ANM tickets for lines 1, 6 and Funiculars

The ANM, the Neapolitan Mobility Company, supplies specific tickets for its own managed lines, namely the Lines 1, 6 and the funiculars. Among the offers, you will find a convenient day ticket, which will allow you to move on all lines of the ANM without limits, and a weekly ticket.

Fares are:

Urban area tickets:

  • Single journey: 1.10 euros
  • Daily: 3.50 euros
  • 7 days: 12.50 euros
  • Monthly: 35
  • Annual: 235.20

Fares for extra-urban areas:

  • Single journey within 11 km from Naples: 1.30 Euro
  • Single journey between 11 and 21 km from Naples: 1.60 Euro
  • Single journey over 21 km from Naples: 2.20 Euro